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Contact Poppy re: his skimmer.

Heck, everyone always advocates the skimmer they currently use. Something about skimmers ... we have to justify our own choice.

I recommend, though, if going needlewheel or meshwheel that you get a skimmer with a bubble diffuser, and decide how much tinkering you are up for doing to perfect it. I have overwhelming stores of patience for tinkering to perfect my skimmer.

Looks to me like those cheap-o Octopus skimmers coming out require a lot of work particularly on the impellers. The photos I have seen appear to be shoddy work on the mesh mod on those.

Pay more, like for an ATI Bubblemaster you tinker less. Pay still more, like for a Bubbleking, tinker even less.

But I'd at least check out the Orca Systems skimmer Poppy has but hasn't used yet.

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