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msu read rule #2 becuase he doesnt take ure advice = Gives u the right to insult, Lets ask this question what if we started keeping big fish together in small tanks and by some crazy chance they do great and it becomes proven are you going to kncok him then or are you going to have some in your 20L. Guess what it hasnt been tried, so you cant say wether its right or wrong whats the difference if u keep a clown in a 500gallon who spends it whole life on a dinner plate anemame and then we keep say damsels in a 5.5 and think its cool where they may need to travel through out the day. Its ok if you have advice but dont insult people if they choose to do it there own way i have 2 triggers 3 tangs and thre angels in my 220 AND GUESS WHAT NEVER ONE FIGHT NOR ICK NOR DISEASE OR DEATH, now i can find you hundreds of post on 2 triggers or three tangs or 2 angels that will tell me im wrong.....but guess what it worked for me. so who is wrong me for doing it or for the 100 of post who didnt try it.

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