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Originally posted by NanoGurl
Wednesday Update!

Okay... well a lot has been going on over here behind the scenes and as most of you know we have been going back and forth on what to uprgade too and what we can afford and all that so i'm happy to say we have finally made our decision.

We are moving in March into a new house and the expenses from that have been a lot to deal with. We're not going to be able to do the 240g like we were thinking right now. so instead of going with a 125 (which i don't want) or a 180 (would still want the 240) we are going to go with the 120.

Ocean needs something bigger then the 75. He's done really well but I want to get him something bigger, and my hope is that he will live another couple of years happyily in the 120 and then at that point upgrade to the 240 if we can and keep the 120 for my eel tank. If any of you remember my older threads that was my goal from a long time ago. We went with the 75 only for now so we wouldn't have to move as large of a tank.

I think the 120 will be perfect for what we have at this point in our lives. I'm hoping within a few years the 240 will be more realistic, but if it's not then at least we have a 120 to enjoy which is my fav size tank (non nano) under 180g.

Ocean is still small and I think he will be happy in the 120 for a bit. I still believe a 6' tank is a much better option, but at this point I am hesitant on doing a 125 only bc of Ocean with how delicate tangs are and especially with a big move coming up.

Well I will be very interested in your 120 upgrade I was thinking of what fish I would like to add to mine when its ready and I am just not sure if its enough room for a couple of tangs. I have a yellow in my 65 now and its a model citizen but I have heard that they can be aggressive to other tangs in the tank unless they were the last tang added. Whats your timeline for the 120?

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