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Originally posted by Myrddraal
There's a thread in the zoo forum right now about treating for zoo nudis with potassium permanganate, might want to take a look. Looks like it even kills eggs.
Thanks, I will have to look into that

Originally posted by scubasteve247
so what do you think of that bermuda skimmer, i love them. but you have yours set pretty low, see all that build up within the chamber,

you should set it up to drain into a larger collection cup that way you can run it higher, and not get that skum inside
I love my Bermuda. Such a great skimmer. I have never had any problems with it. The skum ring usually isnt around the top like that. I recently upgraded the pump to a Mag 7 and was skimming really dry. I usually have to empty a filled cup every 7-10 days.

Originally posted by not_sponsored
Wow that is a fat blue tang, what are you feeding him?
Yeah my hippo is rather large. Its about 6" now a days. Ive had it for about 3, I think. Started out at 1". I feed a mix of frozen foods once a day and nori sheets twice a day.

Originally posted by The_Browns
Nice pictures
Thank you

Couple SPS/Zoanthid tanks and a couple of FW planted tanks.

Current Tank Info: 5 pieces of glass with some silicone and plastic frames holding them together
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