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Originally posted by NanoGurl
So this is what I am thinking for the new setup:

Oceanic Tech 120g In-Wall Bare Bottom (starboard)
Home Made 40" stand
75g sump with 4 chambers (1 settle, 1 skimmer, 1 possible frag section, 1 return)
ASMGxx 4 Skimmer (still looking into this to change out)
Marco Rocks and Figi Live Rock mixture from 75g
2 x 150w DE MH Phoenix 14k on Reef Optix III fixtures and Ice Cap Ballasts (same as 75)

I am still thinking about things. I don't know if the 4 chamber sump is a good idea or not. The idea would be low flow to settle to make it easier to siphon out prior to getting to the skimmer.

I am not planning on much if any SPS so I am hoping the 150 MH will be enough. They are bleaching my 75 quite a bit so I think I will be okay for what I want to keep.

I am planning on lots of flow to keep things moving. I am having a lot of nitrate problems with my eel and tang so I wanted to try something different. I also do not plan on running a fuge with chaeto.. but rather high skimming and high flow.

Really interested in thoughts and comments.
One of our club members has a 180G and tried ristricting flow to the skimmer to help it perform better. What he found was that more flow through the skimming section was better than low flow for his Euro-reef.

Have you thought about trying the RDSB in a bucket for nitrate reduction? its a long read but it seems to be working for lots of people.

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