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Mind if I post some of the pics I took as well?

Here's their two cylindrical acrylic tanks containing the large leather.. what a sweet setup

Another cylindrical tank with a mangrove... imagine this in your living room.....

More cylinder setup.. this one's right next to the tidepool where you can touch the inverts..

The tank with the HUGE Montipora Capricornis..

The SPS tank.... this one's mind boggling. If you look at the tank it looks like there's not enough flow.. but the corals are thriving! Also, if they are using 10K's, why does it look very blue?

Clownfish dominated tank

This is THE huge display with gigantic Hippo tangs. This tank is HUMONGOUS. It's insane. Right above the viewing area is a warning that says: "Ozone Alarm - Evacuate the area if Ozone is detected" or something like that. Pretty cool.

This is the "calm" tank - a South Pacific biotope that looks exactly like my back yard in the Philippines

Here's the outdoor lagoon. Imagine having this on your backyard.... complete with mangroves, Hippos, and Moorish Idols... so beautiful.

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Current Tank Info: 120g SPS Tank (48x24x24)
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