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I've just tried the seachem reef status kits for calcium and mag/alk. I liked the idea of a reference to go along with the tests.
However, what I wound up with was not so likeable.

The seachem calcium kit I got from Marine Depot was bad... leaking when I opened it and some stringy black foreign substance in the reference on top of just not working period. (unless of course my calcium is something over 1000, which I'm gonna say it's not even if my salifert kit was off)
The seachem mag/alk kit is a bit of a hassle to use imo but OK in the end.... I guess.

Not to mention Marine Depot customer service is frankly, pathetic. Which made the whole experience with seachem all the worse. Getting MD to take the faulty kit back is like pulling teeth. I still have not been refunded actually. Last time I'll ever order anything from them.


I really liked the salifert kits... I trust what's left in the ones I've been using for calcium and alk but honestly I am a bit hesitant about buying new ones hence the trial of seachem. Though, as noted above I've already had bad experiences anyway... maybe that will learn me to not pay too much attention to the forums.

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