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Agreed entirely sellout007.

To suggest Habib "did nothing" or "didn't care" because he failed to respond to every post on RC that said the same thing, about a problem he both knew about and had responded about, is unfair. Particularly since posts were made all over explaining when he was ill.

And during that time they fixed the problem. Some people expect instantaneous fixes. Not reasonable. Given the long history of high quality, they first had to figure out not just that the kits were off -- they had every right to verify this independently, but then they had to figure out why they were off, and then figure out what to do about it and test the replacements sufficiently to have high confidence that the new kits would work.

I have a hard time believing anyone would contact Salifert and get a negative response on replacement though I suppose anything is possible. It is easy enough to get email and phone information if one wants, and if, say, kits were bought at a place like Premium I believe they can handle the replacements too, though I could be wrong on that last part.

Anyway, the fixed the alk kit issues and I have heard of no lingering issues.

Their calcium kits have not in recent memory, at least that I have heard, been found to be anything but excellent.

I use Lamotte for alkalinity because in the interim I needed a kit I knew was reliable and I like it. Every time I use my old salifert kit to see how it stacks up, it is within .1meq/l of the Lamotte reading. So my Salifert alk kit was never bad in the first place.

I still use Salifert for Calcium and Magnesium tests and see absolutely no reason in the world to change.

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