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Originally posted by spleen93
Hey NG - long time no post. I've gone from a ER needlewheel to an ATI BM160 and I believe one thing now - meshwheels can be more powerful than needlewheels in foam production and skimming ... but are also more inherently finicky and require more "fiddling" to keep things in the sweet spot. I think my BM160 outperforms my ER but it takes more hands-on to keep it performing well while my ER was more of a "drop it in a sump and forget about it" skimmer. That's for what it's worth and it's the last thing I'm going to say about skimmers since it's such a polarizing subject ... except one more thing. If you're happy with your ASM, there's nothing wrong with that but you may want to look at the other skimmers that are newer in technology and cost about the same like the Octopus or the DAS. I hear you about the cost of skimmers.

In any case, I wanted to ask why you weren't looking at doing a fuge with this tank? Having high flow / high skimming doesn't necessarily mean that you can't use a fuge with the system; the two are not exclusive of each other. If you're looking to lower nitrates/phosphates, a fuge is not a bad thing (neither is a RDSB). More export of nutrients can never be bad.

Love the planning stage of a tank ...

Hey stranger =)

Thanks for the great info... that def helps me out. I'm all about plug and play lol. I don't want to have to mess with a skimmer anymore then necessary.. but I know all skimmers are like that to a degree.

I just don't know how much a fuge is really going to help me. The small size of chaeto in my sump now can't possibly do THAT much nitrate reduction... vs the detris that gets trapped in their from feeding my eel mainly... I just don't know if it would really add anything to my tank at this point.

I have not ruled out a fuge.. i like the idea of one mainly bc I have a lobster that is in there now... but i have a lot of algae and red cyno (i think) in there and it just seems easier if I didn't have any of that and could just wipe it clean and suction out.

Idk.. I might be wrong.

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