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A submersible pump like Mag or Eheim will work. I've always used Mag pumps. For a 120, a Mag 9.5 or Mag 12 would be more than enough pump.

Both pumps have 3/4" threads on the outlet. You'll need a 3/4" to 1" (or 1.5") bushing, a 1" (or 1.5") union, 1" (or 1.5") PVC / SpaFlex to run up to the tank, then reduce down to what fits the bulkhead. *** The reason I listed 1" or 1.5" is because I don't know what size you'd prefer. Just do NOT use 3/4" for the entire run. ***

SpaFlex is very good because you can bend it somewhat, compared to rigid PVC. You can put SpaFlex in the over at 200F for 5 minutes to make it more pliable.

Rigid PVC works too, but you have to get it right with a few extra fittings.

A union allows you to disconnect the pump for cleaning.

Did you read my Sump article yet from this month's reefkeeping? There's even pretty pictures.

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