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Originally posted by cwklinge
I have an old ER 6-1 and my pump just died. I've prefer to stay away from the Gen-X or Sedra pumps. What else is out there that I can use. I'd like to mesh mod whatever I get.
I purchased 2 Sicce 2500's for my ER RC-500 & I am in the process of modding them. I purchased them from protein-skimmer (or is it skimmers) .com & he sells a meshmod kit for them. I do not know if this pump is to large for your skimmer but they are suppose to perform very well!! ER wanted $250 per pump for a eheim 1262 & I needed 3 to equal 2 GenX4100's. Thus paying about $280 for the 2 Sicce pumps with the meshmod kit was a no-brainer

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