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I would say let the system rest without any changes for a while. Nothing good happens fast in a reef tank. If you get better lights or skimmer or anyother upgrade it will depend on what is being added to the tank or what kind of problem you are trying to fix. One fish in a 55 FOWLR is not a very diffcult setup to maintain. Personally I would add an auto-top off system but that is because I am lazy. Watch your nitrates to see if they climb. The current setup does not even mention algae problems. ENJOY the tank.

For your fish selection. Do not use any inch of fish per gal rule. That rule is just to simplistic to be of any use at all. Every fish will have good points and bad points. Some fish require special diets or will eat your other inhabitens. The tang's requirements are lots of swimming space and they need to graze on algae or nori constantly. Compare them to a clown fish which, in the wild, will generally stay within a couple of feet of their host. The inch of fish rule is just useless. Start looking at the different types of gobies (1000s), and blennies as a start. As stuff gets added you become limited as to what can be added later so make the best choice you can and take your time.

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