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Originally Posted by joshbrookkate View Post
You have intrigued me enough to want a microscope of my own! I know this is a new piece of equipment for you. But I am interested in knowing if you would repurchase the same item or would you look for other features this microscope doesn't have. Please give us your evaluation after you have used it for a few months....
And thanks for taking to time to post this!
For the money it has been very much worth it. There's cheaper but I wouldn't want less then the 5MP. I like having both eye peices for the eyes so the trinocular was worth it to put the camera in the 3rd top slot. I like that the camera isn't built in so it can be upgraded or if I ever get a really nice DSLR I can swap it out. The x/y mechanics on it are really fairly smooth. I'm glad I went with the one I did.

For the home I think it's perfect. I'd love the 18mp camera they have out now for it of course.

Edit: oh yeah and the other thing I like is this one is LED and not halogen which while trying to look for all this life the halogen lamp would be baking it all. My previous scope was a crappy tungsten lamp which was better then mirror light sources I had before that which was my first microscope.

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