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Urgent Elec Help

This is quite urgent. One of my vacation projects was this elec deal and vacation ends at bedtime, so help please and fast.

The project was to put 2 DPST (double pole single throw) timers in. I want all my lights on 2 timers instead of all the differant ones, also this will put all the lights on 1 circuit and frees up several outlets, and bla bla bla.

So here's the problem, wiring these timers, excluding the ground there are 5 wire ports

A Line 1 Load 2 Line 3 Load 4

with the wiring diagram it is clear that the load is 2 and 4 (plus the ground of course)

The line is suppose to be a 3 wire supply, neutral to A, then 1 and 3. The braker is a 2 wire.

The question, is there a way around the 3 wire?

I am no electrition, but could I put the white wire in A, splice the black and hit 1 and 3 or do I need to switch to a 3 wire supply?

Thanks for the help (if it is fast that is

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