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I changed my 125 gallon from freshwater planted community tank to saltwater. I was just too aggravated about the algae, esp the brush algae that had taken over my tank. I never had a sump with that tank when I switched to saltwater, just a hang on skimmer. I did find macro algae easier to grow and contain than freshwater plants. Of course you will need to switch your lighting. I had a fish-only except for xenia and macro algae to hid the rocks. I liked that tank and had it for about 5 years. The main thing I missed was that with freshwater I took care of the tank myself but with saltwater I have a guy that does monthly maintenance because I don't know the portion of salt to add when I remove the water and since my saltwater has sand I can't keep syphon the debre like with my gravel bottom on my freshwater.

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