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With a refractometer and a 1 cup scoop, salt mixing is SUPER easy. I use Reef Crystals, but the ratio is just about the same for every salt I've used in the past. 2g water + 1C salt = 1.025'ish salt water. I mix mine up to 1.025 or 1.026. As long as you keep it consistent, anywhere between 1.024 and 1.027 will be just fine. Swings in salinity are what hurt your livestock.

I have a 40g plastic reservoir mounted on a furniture dolly for my mixing container. I have an old powerhead in it it for mixing, a heater to match the water temps, and a bigger pump to pump water into the tank during water changes. Before I built this rig, I used a 5g bucket and a small powerhead and heater. It's more labor intensive, especially for anything more than a nano tank (which is what I was supporting), but it's cheaper and smaller than what I have now. I've seen many trashcan change rigs that work out well too.

Don't rely on one of those cheap float hygrometers. They are inaccurate, inconsistent, and will cause you headaches. Spend the $40-50 on a refractometer. It will last longer than your tank, and it will keep you accurate and consistent.

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