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I've had both too, and I have found FOWLR saltwater to be almost on par for maintenance requirements as fresh. The only difference being making up the saltwater for my tank from my R.O. unit. And you have to quarantine!! As cody says, once you're up and running and your tank is FULLY cycled, it's really not that much harder than fresh. And as Sk8r says, you really have to research fish compatibility, but first, you must decide WHAT kind of tank you want: Fish Only, FOWLR, Semi-FOWLR or full reef? Peaceful community, semi-aggressive, or an aggressive tank??
That all being said, and like I said, I'm FOWLR (with the exception of a few inverts) because I got sick of plunking down money on corals that kept dying, despite reading the nurtrient, dosing and lighting requirements specified on websites. My fish and inverts in my tank are all doing great, so I'm leaving things alone for now.
FULL REEF is a DIFFERENT STORY ALTOGETHER! You'll need: REALLY GOOD quality powerheads, intense LED lighting and chemical dosing equipement.

May I suggest for you, if you want to start out on saltwater, a MINIMALIST bare bottom tank? MUCH easier to maintain, because you DON'T have a sand bed to keep up with and worry about! And much easier to control your water parameters, especially your nitrates and phosphates! There are a LOT of sharp looking bare bottom saltwater tanks out there!

Just my .02!

Your "fair share" is not in my wallet; it's in my fish tank!!
Current tank info: 90 Gallon saltwater 10 fish with a few inverts; NO CORALS!
Tried to go reef; didn't work out so hot; FOWLR's for me!

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