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actinic acan photos

I'm bored + sick so I took these photos

This colony was almost completely dead when I got it in november for $40 it had maybe 5-6 healthy polyps and now it has 20+ babies and the larger polyps that were dying are now healthy full ones. In a few more months it should cover the dead skeleton.

The last one is "non indo" I hate that term but I don't know where its from. It would be nice if its japanese but I'll never know for sure. The rest are aussie.

Not an acan but I'll throw in this micro

All photos were taken without the use of a tripod, my frag / acan tank sits at eye level so i have to stand on a chair to take these. My somewhat broken Pentax camera has an anti shake feature that's great. Too bad my new camera (canon rebel xti) doesn't have this so I'll continue taking macros with the pentax when it lets me and for other instances use the canon. it was a gift otherwise I would have just got the K10.

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