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Originally posted by WaterKeeper
I say ground them and not let them watch TV.

I think the bad sponge we are talking about is the one in the kitchen sink. It can pick up salmonella and other bad guys form the counter top and act as a refuge. Bad for humans but not so much for fish.

I actually said to run a small bio-wheel on the sump and, when needed, use it for a ready made bio-filter for the Q-tank. Neither the sponge, nor a bio-wheel, should harbor much in the way of a threat. Most pathogenic bacteria tend to opportunistic anyway and are more of a danger to an injured fish than a healthy fish. Now, if you use it on a hospital tank, you can always add an antibiotic if the fish seem to get signs of an infection. That pretty much does in the the bio-wheel's population too so large, frequent water changes are a must for a medicated hospital tank.
to further add------three days prior to setting up your qt run an hob filter on the sump of the display tank
On the day of setting up the qt--use water from the existing display and transfer over the hob filter.
If using the qt for observations or using hyposalination then you can also add a piece of live rock to the qt.
this should be all you need for filtration.

(you will also need a heater)

alot of reefers keep track of the ammonia levels by using this indicator:

I prefer my substrates stirred but not shaken

Current Tank Info: 150gal long mixed reef, 90gal sump, 60 gal refugium with 200 lbs live rock
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