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Originally Posted by chema View Post
Anyway, I donīt think you can use the controller to turn off at pH 6.1 as a safety measure. That would imply that the solenoid valve controlled by the controller is always on (except in the rare case that the pH goes down lower than pH 6.1). Regular solenoid valves heat up when turned on. If it is always on I think it may get damaged in a few days or weeks.
I cannot be sure about that. I was under the impression that the solenoids used are low wattage and that they really don't get very hot. It is a good idea to make sure this is the case. I haven't used them since the AP reg came out.

Originally Posted by chema View Post
May be the AP electronic regulator itself can be programmed, by means of the external controller, to shut off when the safety pH is reached?
The AP regulator is continuous duty. I plug it into my controller but I don't think there was ever a problem with the reactor that made it shut down. It has run for years.

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