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Originally Posted by chema View Post
What claim do you mean?

This is from the operation instructions included with the reactor:

Use an optional small powerhead (such as the MaxiJet 400 or Rio 90) to actively feed water into the Kalkreakor. It serves three purposes:
?? It is a much more reliable water feeding method than siphoning or self-suction
?? It pressurizes the Kalkreaktor to enhance water / CO2 dissolution
?? It enables the Kalkreaktor to expel trapped air more easily

This claim:

•Self-suction water intake by the silent Eheim pump eliminates the use of a dedicated powerhead, gravity-fed or tee-off methods. It also serves for water recirculation.
made on all the selling websites, like:

I am not sure if the included directions included with mine had what you quoted, but I do not recall them having that about reliability. That was a good 7 or so years ago I tried that reactor. I bought it heavily because it claimed not to need a feed pump, but baloney on that one.


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