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Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
Thanks for the great thread! I have owned 3 calcium reactors in the past. I jsut set up a new 65 gallon tank. It's going to be mainly SPS with a few lps, zoos, etc. on the bottom.
I just picked up a new old stock Knop C on ebay for 69.00 and 11.00 shipping! I am interested in the Aquarium plant gauges and their special valve and timer for about 300.00. Is it really worth that kind of money????
Also, been reading up on the Cole Parmer pump you guys are using and referring to. I have a Compat medial delivery system. Same head set-up you guys are using. Do you think it would work. I am betting it will.
Thanks and Thanks for the great thread!
I don't know that specific pump, but I bet it will work. One thing I learned from researching the Cole Parmer pumps is that nearly any of their L/S pumps will work very well. The 1-100 RPM models, the 10-600 models, the ones with brushes, the really old ones, the new ones that are small and about $532 retail like this one:

That one I linked is what I would buy if I wanted a brand new pump but didn't want to pay $1800-$2200 for the big computerized L/S pump.

EDIT: Noticed one thing about that cheaper drive I linked: It has brushes, and they are NOT replaceable nor repairable. So if the motor dies, you have to buy a new one.


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