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Originally Posted by mc-cro View Post
I had rock cooking in the basement for about the last 2 weeks with no heater, the water averaged around 65*, maybe even colder on some nights. I didnt notice a smell that most people talk about with cooking rock. fwiw, I did find a very large turbo snail in the rubber maid container, he must have been hidden down deep in the rock. Anyways, he was fine with no heater. I did pull him and thrown him back in the main tank.

so I decided to go ahead and put a heater in it last week, and I have noticed that I am starting to get the cooking rock smell. Maybe coincidence, maybe the bacteria needed the heat to get them really moving.
Curing you mean right ?

and your observation is correct, that's why we keep Phyto and bacteria cultures in the fridge to slow down their metabolism, so they use less O2 and produce less waste and ... they basically go into hibernation .

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