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Originally Posted by freefallen4key View Post
do you take your fish out for this or do you do the hypo salinity with them in it... and they can live in a so low salinity without dying?
Hypo salinity can benefit fish in that is allows for water to hold more oxygen. The amount of "stuff" that can be dissolved in water is finite. This includes the amount of oxygen. When dissolving more salt in water the salt takes up some of the "room" that could hold oxygen. Remember, oxygen (O2) is different from the oxygen in water (H2O).

If you've even watched a fish with ich (crypto) they will often almost pant. Ich/crypto also affects a fishes' gills. With their gills affected they can't breathe as well and they end up panting like a hot dog. Give them more oxygen and each breath becomes more efficient. What it ultimately does is gives that fish more oxygen (for function), makes them more comfortable, and gives their bodies the strength they need to fend off the infection.

The reason [most] freshwater fish can't live in salt and most marine fish can't live in fresh is because of fluid balance. They have different mechanisms to regulate fluid balance based on weather or not they've evolved in fresh or marine environments. Their oxygen exchange systems is much closer in design, so marine fish can live in lower salinity environments as long as their's enough salt for them to regulate fluid.

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