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Originally Posted by gtmow00 View Post
My tank is 9 years old now and I haven't seen ich in a long time. I do remember back when I first started, I tried a product called Ich Attack with great success. I know some people may disagree, and that is ok, but it did work for me. I had coral in my tank as well, and they were not affected by the Ich Attack treatment. I just followed the instructions with many treatments and water changes. I found my QT to be pointless, so I eventually turned it into a breeding tank for saltwater mollies. Lol

I've used Ich Attack. It worked OK. I liked it because it's 100% natural and safe for inverts. I used it with shrimp in the tank and they were fine. There was no way I was going to catch fish out of my tank and wasn't going to take all the rock out.

It's not as good as copper. But, you can leave the fish in. Pulling fish to treat them in quarantine can add to the stress. It's a decent first step if you catch ich early. But, you have to keep up with it, dose it regularly, and hope for the best!

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