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When I first started my tank and added my diamond goby he had a small sign of ich just a few noticeable white specs the only reason that I did not quarantine him because I just picked him up and had to leave immediately and did not have time to prep my quarantine tank ( change water add water, change filter and all that) so I acclimated him for 15min luckily the place I bought him from is 10 min from my house. So I added him into my tank knowing that he possibly would have started ich in my system. When I got back a week later ( I had someone attempt to feed him they said he ate a little but mostly sifted the sand), A deal for a pair of two snowflake clowns came up 2 for $60 I could not pass this up! So I setup my quarantine. Placed them in the quarantine and went to work on my tank with the goby in it. Like I said there was only a small amount of white spots 3-5 so I bough some garlic extract and mysis shrimp and soaked them in there and fed them to him he gladly ate them, about a week later I added my snowflake clowns to the tank, and a set back and heartbreak happened one ( now the male) had some white spots on him so I went into overhaul changing 10 gallons right away and buying all garlic formula 2 pellets with garlic I believe and it is their favorite now the will peck at the flake kinda and eat some mysis when I feed mysis to the tank but will readily take the pellets! And also adding drops of garlic to my tank just 2-4 not many and continued the feeding patterns with garlic and weekly 2-4 drops after a water change and luckily enough it was beaten! I read all these things saying it was so hard and I am so thankful that this worked for me! Guess just catch it early and garlic is your best friend! 6 months later my clowns are in great color! A nice deep orange and hopefully by my predictions by May 2014 they will be mature enough to lay eggs! I then plan on trying to breed a black snowflake with the offspring or the original pair!

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