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Issues with Spy Glass Reactor

I am using the spy glass reactor with PO4x4 media and the first few days it worked great but the flow was too high so media was accumulating at the top and eventually reduced the flow. I reduced the flow and now its not enough and I barely get any tumble. I have tried increasing little by little but I have to say its a pain because a couple of times the got under the ball so when removed the media chamber from the base, media came pouring out.

Anyone else using this reactor with PO4x4 media????


Am I really doing all of this for a fish tank??????

Current Tank Info: 360g Envision Acrylic Tank, Closed Loops, Vectra L1's, MP40QD's, 400w Radiums, Regal 300ext, Dastaco Ext3 CaRx, Controlled by GHL Profilux
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