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I use the Spy Glass Medium size reactor with the PO4x4 media with very few issues. If you have the fine resin mesh screen installed correctly in the bottom of the reactor cone, you should not have any issues wth the media pouring out of the bottom.

I have between 300 and 400ml of the PO4X4 media tumbling in mine now. I last changed it out about 2 weeks ago. I use a Sicce Syncra 1.5 pump dialed back to about 35 to 40% of its max output and things tumble fine with very little if any media escaping from the reactor. I do not even bother using any of the sponge filters that come with the reactor. Just the fine mesh screen on the bottom of the cone and the fine mesh screen in the top.

The only issue I have is the mesh screen at the bottom will clog up with detritus from the sump and I have to clean it every other week,or so to keep the flow constant thru the reactor.

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