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Originally Posted by ADVRESOURCE View Post
I'm considering getting one of these Spy Glass reactors for PO4X4 media. Are these only used in sump? I would like to run mine external to a sump. Are there any You Tube videos on these?
They are in sump only. There are a few videos by us and a few videos by others on youtube.

While we are discussing po4 medias here, I do want to mention briefly (will go into more detail in a separate thread) how wonderfully seachem Phosguard works in the spyglass. It is a heavier media so requires the same pump configuration as all in one biopellets but it tumbles really well, it is very clean and easy to use, is cost effective and lowers the po4 slowly instead of quickly which is a great advantage. On my personal tank I use 300ml in a small spyglass change once a month. This is a 500 gallon system. For the initial dropping of po4 I had a reading of .42 measured with a hanna bench meter. 500ml in the small spyglass dropped the reading to .23 gradually in two weeks. Another 500ml dropped it to .04 in another two weeks. The 300ml is now a maintenance amount and I don't project the po4 readings to move up at all.


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