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Originally Posted by JWClark View Post
Instead of creating a new thread, thought I'd ask here:

I have the small reactor and have been trying to consistently tumble GFO w/ 1/2 cup ROX. First I tried 1 cup BRS standard GFO w/ the reactor set up in indirect recirc mode. After 3-4 days everything stopped tumbling and the GFO turned the tank cloudy from orange dust. Tried half cup GFO w/ half cup carbon, same result. Switched to half cup rowaphos and half cup ROX w/ the reactor set up to single pass mode to reduce flow. Worked for 1 week but now it is just sitting there again--but no dust at least. I increased the flow to max and it tumbled for an hour before stopping again. Now it only has the slightest movement at the top of the carbon on one side.

What do I need to do to keep a consistent tumble for more than a week? Would like it to tumble the full month before changing media but it is clearly channeling to one side of the reactor now. Should I remove the ball and use the screen?
Yes, you are exactly correct. You should remove the ball and use the metal lower screen in its place. Sorry the instruction manual is not more clear about the screen configurations but we are working to improve that. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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