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New Addition

In a weekend trip to LA to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific I decided to make a coral run out of it as well. Visited a few shop in down town LA area to see what they had and came across a healthy looking octopus. I have kept one successfully years ago and happen to have a setup and running 29 gal bio cube.

We have named him Vince and after acclimation he quickly checked out his new tank exploring every corner while the lights where out. The next night I tried to feed him some krill I defrosted and he took it right away! Awesome I thought, but he held onto it for about ten minutes and then made his way to the middle of the tank and spit it right at the front of the tank where I was sitting. I don't think he was pleased.

Tonight I have put some ghost shrimp in as that was what he ate at the store. So far he has not come out and I can't even find where he is hiding. I figure he has found him a lil hiding den that he will feel safe in, so I'll wait till he his out to feed some more shrimp.

If anyone has any idea on what species he is chime in.

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