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I've caught some while fishing and kept them in tank. They lived from 6-18 months. But they were good sized when I caught them. when they lay eggs, it's goodbye time. the smaller eggs are impossible to hatch. the big ones are possible if they have been fertilized.

they prefer crabs and shrimps. I go Asian supermarket and buy live crabs for them to eat. If not, frozen shrimps will do.

their grip is really strong and they do bite! but most times they will just escape. Once one of them shot out ink. The ink will not damage the octopus, but you should run carbon asap. had a 14" octopus grab my arm and I couldn't free my arm.

octopus are really smart. you need to get toys for them to figure out. usually balls with different sized holes or even locking device. Put some food inside and keep them busy. They will try to escape out of tiny slits. One went halfway into my output nozzle.

I currently have a baby, about 2-3 inches big.

they are not very active. specially during daytime. Most times you will be staring at an empty tank, looking for the Octo.
can you spot him? lol

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