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Leaky kalk reactor.

So the kalk reactor I have had unused on a shelf for a few years, finally dusted it off and sure enough, it leaks form the bottom. Not just in a single place I can pinpoint either, it's a very VERY slow leak, over night with freshwater there was a couple small puddle that didn't go past the rim of the base (and yes I'm absolutely certain this wasn't spillage from filling it up).

I've tried to use a bead of weldon 16 on the inside, on the outside, heck the outside is like a fillet weld around the entire base but still a leak, not sure if there's some level of contamination that didn't allow a bond so a tiny pinpoint hole allowed a leak or something. Unfortunately I don't know I can stack weldon on top of weldon and give it another go or if it acts like silicone and doesn't bond to itself. But I'm kind of at wits end.

So any advice? Do you sell just the bottom piece of the reactor? If so I possibly can chop off a half inch off the bottom and just start over again (maybe need to change the size of the rod for the stirrer). Or plan B (less ideal), just get a bucket with a good lid and drill a hole in the top to mount the motor on top.

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