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BRS has a great video on LED lighting that you should watch. They're super long, but it does a good job explaining the bang for the buck from each light. There are cheaper ways than dropping $1K on a pair of XR15s, and they'll do a great job growing coral. I think G5 change to the amount of LEDs, which reduces the disco effect, is what makes the biggest visual difference. I've seen G3s and G4s over tanks next to AI lights. The difference wasn't nearly as significiant.

Watch the video before committing. It's a lot easier to buy one expensive light and say, "Hey, this is the best, you should get it!"
It's something else to need multiple lights and get most of the look, all of the growing power, and spend less. I'm not sure what you'd save going with another solid brand, but it's worth consideration. I love my Ecotech stuff, but it's definitely not the end all, be all.

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