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Originally posted by bigian
how much more energy will this use than my g2 with a sedra 3500?? Double??

and how much better a skimmer is it???
your sedra 3500 uses 'about' 35 watts.

in terms of skimming's an apple to oranges comparison to the g2. the barr is a very powerful skimmer with the right pump...but it uses a little more electricity...little to me, anyway.

i'm going to go off in a tangent...


why in recent history have so many of us become OBSESSED with low wattage skimmers? the lower the more we seem to plump our chest about?

heck! my lighting ALWAYS uses wayyyyy more electricity than my skimmer ever did (even when it was running 24/7). personally, i would rather spend the extra 100 watts or so to effectively skim my tank than to try and nickel and dime every watt. yes, electricity is expensive here...really expensive...but does it make sense to drop $3000 on a deltec that uses 156 watts when you can get an excellent beckett skimmer (for the same tank size) for about $1000 or so and uses 250 watts? how long is it going to take to make up the initial extra $2000 in saved electricity? i use the word initial because remember from accounting...if you took that $2000 and put it in just a compound interest savings x years, it would have grown expontentially.

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