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Originally posted by Cluckr7
Nice tank. Any heat issues?
A little in the summer here in Phoenix. We had record heat all summer and it actually did not cool until Thanksgiving day. Up until then it was still mid to high 80's and a lot of low 90's. During the summer when it was 108-115 all summer long, I had to take a lid from a bic ball point pen (you know the clear pen lids) and prop the lid of the tank up with it. This allowed the cool air conditioning to blow down and onto the water surface. The tank would reach 80-81 around 4-5pm in the day(hottest part) other wise its been great. When I added the new light fixture it came with 2 new fans to replace the old ones with. But normal tank temp is about 79-80. I keep my house between 76-78 all year long so the tank should be A-Ok!

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