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Originally posted by Sk8r
Or just get a spare maxijet---every reefer should have one for moving water. Half-inch diameter hose about 4' long, and you put the pump in whatever your want to move water FROM.

It takes an mj1200 to lift water from a bucket on the floor into your average 20" tall tank. That force of lift is called 'head'. If a pump doesn't have enough, water will flow very slowly or not at all, and will stall in the hose.

Reverse the position of pump and hose, and put the pump in your tank, hose in a waste bucket, plug in, and it will drain out the water BUT once flowing, with the line going DOWN, it will siphon even AFTER you cut the power to the pump. So first lift the pump out of your tank, let the water in it drain down, and THEN spare a hand to unplug the pump. Running dry for 10 seconds won't hurt it.

Use a simple siphon on a nano-tank: pump is too much, where you add water by the cupful.

But an mj 400 is very good for a salt mixing pump. Just put it in the salt bucket in an emergency and you can have iffy but usable salt water inside 3 hours, if it's life and death. Waiting until morning and letting it run overnight is better.
as a long term solution, I'm thinking putting a MJ1200 in my salt water container for mixing and pumping water to the tank directly through a 10' long hose. Is this doable?

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