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Smaller Tanks

I'm currently running a 40 gal breeder with good results and low maintenance. I will be moving up however to a 58 gal Oceanic for the simple fact of a wider tank width (13"-18.5") to accommodate a new Outer Orbit light fixture and, I just like the width of a wider tank. I do run a skimmer 24/7 except during feedings for a few hours. I also use a filter sock in the sump once a week while using a powerhead to blow the reef off. Top-off is a wine carboy (5 gal) w/saturated kalk, gravity fed and dosed when level drops below pick-up in sump. Again very simple, no motors, switch's etc and has been working well for yrs. This is as big as I care to go simply from a maintenance standpoint. I thoroughly enjoy the hobby and never want to feel like it's just too much, IMHO that is! Best of Luck!

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Current Tank Info: 58 gal Oceanic RR, Outer Orbit 2x150w 14K HQI-Mh, 4x39w T5HO 420nm/460nm, 15 gal sump, Aqua C Urchin skimmer, ACJr Controller, EcoTech MP10's x 2 for circ
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