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I got just what you need.

Water bottle and fishing line trick (see web site below). Tie fishing line to one of the hole punched holes in order to pull the trap up to the top of the tank before the fish can escape. I found out that I needed to make the hole large enough for all the fish to go into it. My domino damsil was smart. But once he seen my y tang going in and out snacking on the freeze dried shrimp. Curiousity got to the best of him. he went and I pull the line until the bottle came right to the top.

You can use a small bottle if needed. Use a spring water bottle only. No chemicals in the bottle to worry about.

Worked for me catching all of my 3 damsils. I even caught my other fish also that I didn't want to. They were going in the trap also.

It is better to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission..........

Current Tank Info: 75 gal mixed reef, 216w LED, Remora Pro skimmer, HOB fuge, 400w htr, ATO RO/DI, 90lbs LR and 1" SB.

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