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A little back story on those Clarion's...

They originally came from a confiscated alleged illegal shipment that passed thru L.A. about 3 years back. I won't get into specific numbers but the shipment was pretty large and they were in very bad shape. Sadly, the majority didn't make it.

Clarion #1 went into Garden Eels and was doing extremely well last I checked. He would just about eat out of your hand. Clarion #2 was in holding up on the 3rd floor above the large Tank (aka: Big Trop) and was only visible on behind the scenes tours. Last I heard he was slated to go into Sea of Cortez but why he wound up in the Anthias exhibit I do not know.

And for those interested in owning one, the only viable opportunity that I am aware of to legally own one here in the U.S. looks like it will be thru those collected from Baja/Mexico as they have somehow found their way there. Whether they are a hybrid or a pure blood line seems to still be up for dabate. Either way, a few are trickling in, but the days of 400.00 Clarions are long gone.

These fish are expected to fetch several thousand dollars on the open market when they clear customs.


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