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Originally posted by Konadog
You are pulling your skimmer air from inside your collection cup. Do you notice any difference in your skimmer bubble size or density "vs" pulling your air from outside? And for the bigger question, does this reduce the "nog smell" while the skimmer is running? This could make my wife very happy

Wouldn't your skimmer basically shut down anyways if the cup filled up enough for the intake to start sucking skimmate, kinda self regulating?
No difference in skimmer bubbles. I had a lifereef skimmer prior to the Euroreef and it was designed to draw from inside the skimmer cup. Check out their website and their reasons for doing this: smell and no venturi sucking noise.
So yes, the skimmer would suck skimmate and re gurgitate. Pretty much the funk just goes round and round the skimmer if the cup gets too full and will automatically start up again when the drain catches up.

This is a partial quote from their description of their protein skimmer:
NO SALT-CLOGGED VENTURI, EVER! our skimmer utilizes a self-cleaning venturi. (nozzle injected and other venturi skimmers clog and require maintenance)
NO SUCKING NOISES, silent operation, no injector nozzle (Becketts) noise, no needle-wheel hum and vibration.
NO EXCESS BUBBLES in your sump!
NO constant adjustments, the self-cleaning venturi prevents water level fluctuations.
NO cup overflow, the self-cleaning venturi prevents the cup from overflowing.
NO special waste collector required, our cup is a collection cup, not a diverter cup.
NO "humming" or vibration noise as in needle-wheel designs or hard-mount pumps on the skimmer body.
NO ERRATIC PERFORMANCE, the self-cleaning venturi maintains a stable water level and skimming.
NO EXCESSIVE pipes, valves, tubes, contraptions, or "air sucking devices" hanging all over the skimmer.

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