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I agree with the sealed type as well.

After I get my new build up and in place I have 2 of these sealed skimmate resivoirs to build, a carbon filter for top(air venting out of skimmer top) and bottom output(skimmer water discharge) of large skimmer I refer to as the fire hydraunt 1 to remove ozone from air and water outputs, Kalk reactor, and new dual chamber 6 22 Ca reactors, and two dual chamber nitrate filters for ehiem glass media. A trip to US Plastics for lots of acrylic is in my near future.

This skimming waterchange jazz has opened a new door for an automated water change Idea if I can get my hands on the right soliniod (corrosive chemical liquid type) and some valving.

Oh yeah, along with this whole testing for venturi shutoff, I've been setting up for a RO/DI water stream to be shot into the venturis to keep them clean. On my timer based gravity setup which uses those little blue pumps which I have running through pump 100ml of fresh RO/DI water though a tee that suck the water through venturis to keep everything running smoothly to prevent clogging due to salt buildup. My HSA becket will do it too but it needs alot more water to keep things the same and the cheap doser doesn't pump enough so a check valved low powerhead feeding air input may be required. But that's another test I've not gotten to yet.

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