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Thanks to everyone that chimed in.. I've made a couple changes to my reef because of your great feedback. I now have a continous water change set up. I am now wet skimming 1 gallon a day water changes. All evaporation and Kalk is dosed with a simple drip from a 5 gallon bucket. The Salt Water is replaced via a Float Valve. (I may change this out in a few weeks for a Float Switch and Pump, as I have a feeling the Saltwater will clog up things pretty quickly)

Here are a few pics of my ghetto setup. Pardon the nasty sump.

Thanks again everyone. I really like this setup.


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Current Tank Info: 90 Gallon AGA, Bare Bottom, (02) 10" Skylights, 216 Watts T5HO, (04) 4 watt cree LED's, Deltec AP600 Skimmer

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