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I hadn't cleaned the tank in almost a year and I had a couple of snails and crabs die and my corals started not looking so good, so, I thought it would be a good time to change out the water and add some more sand. My tank sits in my wall at my office. It is only 5 inches thick so with rocks it makes it hard to clean systematicaly. My heater for my water is actually in my wall so I didn't have access to it, the water sat for most of the day so I thought it would be closer to room temprature, once I started the cleaning process I couldn't stop so I figured a short time in cold water wouldn't kill them. This is my first salt water tank and I have been trying to learn how to manage it on my own as the friend the built it and helped me with it at first, I think is getting a little tired of answering my questions.

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