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only the smallest nocturnal dwarfs are ok in a 20-30g tank but other aquairum suitable species like aculeatus,biraieus and vulgarus require a 65-125g tank, 125 minimum for vulgarus.
i put a very small (3inch full armspan) babby aculeatus in a 45g hex tank and within 2 months he had totaly outgrown the tank and was constantly looking for an eacape after moving him to a 72 he settled down and was content in his new home. becides the space requierments octos produce alot of waste and put a bigger bioload on a tank that other animals so they require more water volume and filter capacity than fish or corals. most experienced keepers recomend a protien skimmer rated for 2-3x the volume of the tank to handle the extra waste and the posability of a large inking.

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