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Originally posted by TD13
I love ur powder blue tang just wanted to know how u got rid of his black ich and do u think he can be put in a powder blue and a lined tang can be kept in a 90 gallon well. other name for lined tang is fine lined tang this tang has orange spots on its face. Just wanted to know what u think because u have a powder blue. Also how to u post pictures
Thank you. I would not put a PBT in a 4' tank (75 or 90 or 120) long term. I got mine at about 3" to raise him up in my 75 which I think is fine.. but he will need a larger tank within a year probably. I bought him knowing that I was going to goto a 6' tank when we move next March. I would not keep my PBT in anything under 6' once he matured. I was even thinking of going to a 8' tank just bc of that.

The black ich was awful and really frustrating. I had to fresh water dip him 3 times to get rid of it and I got lucky nobody else did. I also keep my temps higher then most do on purpose to help him. It really seems to make a difference so far.

To post a photo you have to host your file somewhere. Then get the link and add [img...] to the front and [/img...] to the end without the ....


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