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The middle chamber in the back is full of live rock rubble and chaeto. I only had the HOB filter early on to add a little extra help while the tank cycled a bit longer...but it's not needed now. I do about 1/2 gallon (approx 2 liters) water change each week and I dose it with Kent Tech CB.
It was easy to build, but I did make a few errors that I had to correct...1. when the acrylic shop cut the overflow they were way to large...I had to get a thin piece of acrylic cut to cover most of the can't see it when you look at the tank, so it was an easy fix 2. I didn't brace the can see early on there is no brace...there is now to help prevent the front from bowing too much....that was a pain in the a** to do when the tank was already up and running.

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