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In my experience...I just decided based on how large I wanted the entrire tank to be...I don't think there's an exact science to it...if there is...I got lucky with my guess. I determined mine would be 3 inches from the back just so I would have enough room for the return pumps without sacrificing too much room in the display. The number of teeth was just simply how many they could fit across the middle chamber...the deptch of the teeth is what is critical...originally mine were cut too deep...I covered them with an additional piece of thin acrylic...easy fix. I'll tell you one thing that may help tank is the exact same width as a 10 gallon tank...20". I did that on purpose so the light that I had on my old 10 gallon would fit on this tank. If you decide to make a similar tank do yourself a favor and drill "u" shaped holes for the returns rather than a circular ones...this will allow you to slide the return pumps back into the chambers much more easy after maint.

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