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So this is what I am thinking for the new setup:

Oceanic Tech 120g In-Wall Bare Bottom (starboard)
Home Made 40" stand
75g sump with 4 chambers (1 settle, 1 skimmer, 1 possible frag section, 1 return)
ASMGxx 4 Skimmer (still looking into this to change out)
Marco Rocks and Figi Live Rock mixture from 75g
2 x 150w DE MH Phoenix 14k on Reef Optix III fixtures and Ice Cap Ballasts (same as 75)

I am still thinking about things. I don't know if the 4 chamber sump is a good idea or not. The idea would be low flow to settle to make it easier to siphon out prior to getting to the skimmer.

I am not planning on much if any SPS so I am hoping the 150 MH will be enough. They are bleaching my 75 quite a bit so I think I will be okay for what I want to keep.

I am planning on lots of flow to keep things moving. I am having a lot of nitrate problems with my eel and tang so I wanted to try something different. I also do not plan on running a fuge with chaeto.. but rather high skimming and high flow.

Really interested in thoughts and comments.

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