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much less flow seems better

I have a 125 mixed reef. A few SPS, some leathers, LPS, at least a dozen different shroom kinds, tons of zoas, clams, and a few others. Normally the tank runs with 2 1200 Maxijets and 2 1100 SEIOs. The SEIOs are vertically 3/4s the way up the glass and horizontally centered and both pointed at the opposite front corner of the tank. The Maxijets were placed to help counter the flow of the SEIOs to make the flow more random and keep the flow from stirring sand.

After taking a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach Aquarium in CA ) and looking at many LPS/Softie tanks around town I noticed that they have very little flow in comparison to my own and the corals looked much better/biggier/happier, and the tanks looked much clearer. I decided to give it a try a couple days ago.

I turned off the SEIOS and pointed the Maxijets so that the SPS would still get enough flow and the tank would still get enough oxygen. The water is more clear, all of the LPS looks bigger and puffier and still has clear movement. The leathers are also like this. The Clams also seem to like the drop of movement and the zoas aren't blowing around like crazy. and all of my mushrooms, from yumas to rhos, all have gotten much bigger. Even the RTN on one of my SPS has stopped (I had already lost a porties to flow even though it was placed far out of direct flow and what it was recieving seemed far from excessive).

What do you guys make of this? Should we really be putting so much flow in mixed tanks?

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